Hydraulic-brake hand truck

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
The lever stroke required to activate braking power is reduced to the strength of a single fingertip.

Standish, MI — Magline, Inc. manufacturer of innovative material handling equipment, has launched a heavy-duty Hydraulic Brake Truck. With this new design, the lever stroke required to activate braking power is reduced to the strength of a single fingertip.

The ControlPRO technology provides unmatched brake activation. With up to 3 times less muscle exertion required to slow the truck, hand and forearm fatigue is reduced.

Stronger, heavy duty wheel brackets increase load capacity up to 600 lbs., and the added feature of an ergonomic kick bar assists with loading, unloading and breaking back loads.

The split-line hydraulic system provides even side-to-side braking for true linear descent, and the axle-less design prevents brake misalignment. The brake lever can be adjusted without tools to fit a wide range of hand grips, and can be mounted for right or left hand use.

Self-cleaning disc brakes provide consistent performance in all weather conditions, and rugged 10” wheels maneuver the toughest terrains.

The ControlPRO brake truck was designed with the same modularity as Magline’s popular two-wheeled hand trucks. With various handle, nose and wheel options to choose from, users can customize a unit suitable for their material handling requirements.

New handle options provide height adjustment, and the optional stair climbers can be adjusted to one of three different angles to provide optimal load support on stairs.

Ali Patterson, Magline’s Director of New Product Development stated, “Having designed the ControlPRO Hydraulic Brake Truck with the end user in mind, we are confident we are providing a safe and efficient tool that will improve the overall material handling experience. The Hydraulic Brake Truck provides the driver an advantage in keeping up with the speed of today’s delivery demands with an opportunity to stay in the job longer and perform with less fatigue.”