Integrated parcel shipping

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Schaumburg, Illinois — Logistyx Technologies, a creator in transportation management execution (TME) systems, has a new partnership with JDA Software Group, Inc to offer a fully integrated parcel shipping solution for JDA Warehouse Management customers.

Logistyx and JDA collaborated to validate Logistyx’s integration to JDA’s Parcel Handler Interface (PHI), which optimizes the workflow between the JDA WMS and Logistyx TME solutions for high-volume, enterprise shipping environments. PHI was specifically designed to be version-agnostic and readily available to all JDA Warehouse Management customers.

“The challenge for companies doing business in today’s unified commerce world is ensuring that their orders are fulfilled cost-effectively and efficiently, even in the face of rapidly changing customer delivery expectations,” said Matt Butler, director, solution strategy of JDA.

“In a global environment with rapidly expanding numbers of shipping providers requiring various security, communication and label formatting requirements, it is critical to have a partner focused on providing a robust and readily updated collaboration platform. To answer that challenge, we’re working with Logistyx Technologies to provide our customers a robust parcel shipping solution that offers a global, seamless and high-quality customer delivery experience.”

The Logistyx TME solution automates the entire JDA parcel shipping process, from real-time order entry, carrier rating and routing, through pack verification, weighing, consolidation, labeling and manifesting. JDA’s customers will gain key parcel shipping functionality from the Logistyx TME solution including:

  • Seamless integration with JDA Warehouse Management and Order Maintenance modules as a high-performance black-box solution with support for fully automated manifesting and in-line parcel labeling
  • Advanced fulfillment capabilities that support all major shipping transactions such as high-speed rating, time-in-transit, shipment hold and release, label print and reprint, manifest close-out and others. Additional capabilities include address verification, party screening, ACE filing, labeling, export documentation and instant tracking
  • Access to 4,500+ global freight and parcel carrier services, including low cost regional and local operators
  • Industry-leading carrier compatibility, ensuring the customer has complete and unimpeded access to the entire carrier service suite. WMS version agnosticism ensures the Logistyx TME solution will work with all versions of JDA WMS

Logistyx TME is also an ideal solution for JDA users with multiple distribution centers or exceptionally high volumes.

“Engaging the right mix of carriers and services is a challenge for any company, and much more so for those with disparate locations and international customers,” said Ken Fleming, chief operating officer of Logistyx Technologies.

“Ensuring the best rates and on-time delivery is just the start – carrier compliance and export control add to the complexity. Logistyx TME will provide JDA users with an advanced shipping system that is fully integrated with their WMS system, resulting in the most efficient and profitable fulfillment operations.”