Lithium-ion-powered walkie

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
Raymond_8250 walkie pallet truck with Lithium Battery
Raymond 8250 walkie pallet truck with Lithium Battery

GREENE, NY — The Raymond Corporation has introduced the Raymond Model 8250 AC walkie pallet truck powered by lithium-ion technology. The Raymond-labeled lithium-ion power pack, by Brammo — with which Raymond announced a strategic technology alliance for developing robust lithium-ion alternative energy solutions in September 2016 — was developed specifically for Raymond and its use within the walkie pallet truck.

In addition, the currently launched 24V, 78 ampere-hour Light EV Battery Pack has been certified and UL 2271-listed — leading the industry in receiving this designation for forklift applications.

“Addressing safety considerations for the forklift and light EV battery market with UL’s trusted independent third-party evaluation gives manufacturers like Raymond a way to demonstrate their compliance of their products to stringent safety standards,” said Ibrahim Jilani, business development manager for UL’s Energy Systems and e-Mobility team.

“Being UL-listed is an assurance that the forklift and the battery pack have been evaluated, meeting the national standards for electric battery-powered industrial trucks and light EV batteries.”

UL’s mission is “Working for a Safer World,” providing customers and stakeholders the tools and resources required to navigate market complexity, and bring clarity and trust to the industry.

“Raymond’s 8250 walkie pallet truck addresses the need for a material handling vehicle that offers increased productivity, improved energy efficiencies and performance reliability, and eliminates the need for traditional battery maintenance, thus reducing costs,” said Michael Field, CEO at The Raymond Corporation.

“Raymond’s entry into alternative energy sources highlights our drive to continuously improve our product offerings while incorporating the latest technology advancements within our solutions and providing more than a baseline product.”

The 8250 is an intelligent truck and pack offering, providing communication that instantaneously sends and receives continuous communication between truck and lithium-ion battery pack, providing operator feedback in the form of fault codes displayed on the truck’s control handle.

An onboard battery management system allows the user to schedule charge times, provides notifications when charging is required, and monitors charging and usage to prevent over-charging and discharging events. As an added benefit, this power pack also includes integrated heaters for superior cold storage needs and thermal controls that reduce the risk of damage caused by environmental extremes.

The power pack, branded by Raymond, has been designed to handle rugged environments and is IP65-sealed and maintenance-free. In addition, Raymond’s user interface provides the operator a visual of the battery state of charge, as well as additional audible and visual alarms if the battery pack requires attention.