Mobile vacuum lifter

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Swedish developer of ergonomic lifting equipment TAWI has released a new fully mobile vacuum lifter.

The lifter is a battery driven standalone unit, easily docked to any forklift or fork truck. The mobile vacuum lifter can be picked up and moved with any type of forklift or fork truck, offering flexibility which sets apart TAWI Mobile Order Picker from its competitors.

The fact that it’s a battery driven free-standing unit makes it easy for anyone to use for handling anything from boxes and sacks to car tires and toilet seats. Parking the unit automatically activates the vacuum pump and the operator can start loading goods in no time, picking up goods in one place and then go directly to the next.

The operator can pick up goods up to 175lbs within a 6 1/2 foot range. The unit can easily move from pallet rack to pallet rack, placing the goods directly on a pallet.

The unit can also be placed in a container for loading or unloading products either as a standalone unit or attached to a forklift.

“TAWI Mobile Order Picker optimizes order picking in logistics and distribution processes both in a production and warehousing environment by enabling a constant high work flow and by minimizing the number of unnecessary stops,” said Thomas Bra¨utigam, CEO TAWI Holding.

Picking up, carrying and placing down goods from pallets and conveyors without the help of ergonomic lifting equipment puts significant strain on the operators’ back, shoulders and knees. Repeating this many times per day over a long period can lead to long-term musculoskeletal injuries. TAWI lifting solutions are designed to minimize this risk, focusing on ergonomics and safety in every detail.