Move with the touch of a glove

by MM&D staff

NEW BREMEN, OHIO: Crown Equipment Corporation has introduced the QuickPick Remote Advance system. Using the product, order selectors can remotely advance the truck to the next pick location by pressing a button on a wireless transceiver glove, Crown said. This allows them to remotely advance the truck to the next pick location without returning to the operator’s compartment.

The technology is available with the Crown PC 4500 series centre control rider pallet trucks.

The QuickPick Remote Advance uses task-automating technologies that help reduce operator fatigue, according to Crown.

“Low-level order picking is a fast-paced, physically demanding job where operator fatigue has a significant impact on productivity,” said Rod Squires, product manager, Crown Equipment. “It’s also an area that has experienced limited advancements in the way order picking is performed through the years. QuickPick Remote Advance, the first system of its kind, increases productivity by allowing operators to maintain consistent rhythm and pace, making the most of every second in the picking process.”

For advancing the truck, customers can choose between two different wireless remotes: a transceiver glove or transceiver trigger. Both remotes feature a thumb-actuated button that operators press to advance the truck to the next pick slot. A wireless transceiver module that snaps into a holder on the back of the glove periodically transmits and receives RF signals from an RF tower on the truck.

QuickPick Remote Advance uses lasers to detect obstacles in the path of the truck. If an obstacle is detected, the brakes are automatically applied. The lasers can detect proximity to racks, enabling the system to utilize Crown’s Access 1 2 3 comprehensive system control forminor corrections to the path.