Multi-directional AGVs take the weight

by MM&D Online Staff
Webb's heavy-load AGV
Webb’s heavy-load AGV

FARMINGTON HILLS, Michigan—Jervis B. Webb Company has developed heavy-load AGVs that can travel in any direction thanks to multi-independent steering mechanisms.

Webb’s heavy-duty AGVs carry up to 250,000 pounds, making easy steering a basic requirement. Two to four axles are available to handle the heaviest of loads. The four independent all-electric steer drive option allows the vehicle to move in a sideways direction, referred to as “crab lateral travel”.

Companies that handle loads of this magnitude often rely on AGVs to safely maneuver through manufacturing and warehousing facilities, and even outdoors. Webb offers a complete line-up of customized AGVs that move loads ranging from 20,000 – 250,000 pounds.  Examples of materials with this mass may include dies, ingots, casks, oversized containers, fixtures, or pallets.

Webb also provides a full range of guidance technology including inertial guidance, laser guidance and magnetic tape.