Needs-based measurement of freight

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
The Apache unit can now scan items up to seven metres long.

Alsdorf, Germany – Users of the freight measurement system Apache portal from AKL-tec GmbH can now measure cargo of up to seven metres in size.

The maximum measuring capacity was increased from 5.2 metres to seven metres thanks to a revision of the Apache p8 system. With the previous maximum length of 5.2 meters the APACHE p8 was already in a class of its own in the range of legally binding volumetric measuring. This is especially relevant during the acquisition of legally binding master data when it comes down to the last gram and centimetre.

Apache’s two laser scanners are attached to a measuring beam and measure the freight based on length, width and height. The cargo can also be weighed and documented by a camera.

For the measuring process the freight is placed on a measuring zone with a forklift, pallet truck or hand pallet truck and the process is started through the scan of a barcode or manually.

Finally, the data will be sent to customer’s database.

“With the freight measurement of up to seven metres we can offer logisticians entirely new possibilities for the precise invoicing of extremely large shipments. The inspection of the nominal value to the actual value can uncover under-declared freight which amortizes the system quickly”, explained Rüdiger Elben, CEO of AKL-tec GmbH.