New entry to pallet rack market

by MM&D Online staff

RENO, Nevada—A new entrant in the pallet rack marketplace is offering bolted rack for more flexible warehouse operations.

Next Level Storage Solutions announced its official company launch with the unveiling of FlexRack Pallet Rack.

“With welded design, customers are in a box. We saw a need to think outside the box, and FlexRack allows for that,” says company engineer David Segal.

FlexRack has bolted connections that the company claims are stronger than welded pallet rack storage. It is also less expensive to ship, as it can be assembled on site. Flex Rack uses closed-lip C-bracing and straight posts (vs. traditional wedge-shaped) that allow for quicker bracing connections.

Next Level Storage promises a two-week or less delivery time, thanks to a distribution network throughout the US.

Next Level Storage is based in Reno, Nevada and serves the warehouse logistics market in the U.S. and Canada. FlexRack Pallet Rack is the first product released by the company.