New product: Biodegradable packaging

by Array

ELMWOOD PARK, New Jersey—Sealed Air’s latest void-fill shipping solution has been certified as biodegradable.

The PakNatural Biodegradable Cushion Bag comes in three sizes: 30cm by 30cm (12in by 12in), 30cm by 46cm (12in by 18in) and 30m by 61cm (12in by 24in).

The protective packaging bags are filled with the company’s PakNatural loose fill material and are covered with a protective film that is non-abrasive, making it suitable for packing electronics, books, glass and collectibles.

The covering film is made from renewable material, and is compostable as well as being biodegradable. It received its biodegradable certification from three organiztions: the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI), the German certification organization DIN CERTCO and the Belgium-based independent testing and research organization Vincotte.