New product: Mitsubishi electric walkie end-rider

by Array

HOUSTON, Texas: Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks says it has designed the PWR30 with two key factors in mind: speed and comfort.

According to the company, the electric walkie end-rider offers fast acceleration and a top speed of 15km/h (9.3mph). A regenerative braking system helps to slow the truck down prior to the electromagnetic brakes engaging, thereby increasing brake life.

To enhance comfort, the PWR30 comes with a wide foot alcove, which helps to ensure the operator’s feet are fully on the platform.

It has a 2,700kg (6,000-lb) capacity and fabricated forks with cast steel tips. Mitsubishi suggests it is suitable for low level order picking, long distance transporting, and trailer loading and unloading applications.

The PWR30 comes with a number of available options including an electric coasting capability and a corrosion prevention package.