New product: Option-filled electric lift truck

by MM&D staff

HOUSTON, Texas—The new line of electric pneumatic lift trucks from CAT Lift Trucks offer lifting capacities ranging from 8,000lbs to 11,000lbs.

Available in both regular-length and compact models with shorter chassis lengths, the 2EPC8000-2EP11000 series has fully inclosed 80-volt motors, and systems that are sealed to protect against dust, moisture and debris, earning ratings of IP54 for the motors and IP56 for the connectors.

Maximum is lifting speed is 68.9 feet-per-minute while maximum lowering speed is 108.3 feet-per-minute. Maximum travel speeds range from 9.6mph to 10.6mph, depending on the model.

The shortest model measures 144.1in in length, with the longest one measuring 161.5in.

All models have 500-hour service intervals and they all offer display-based maintenance reminders.

Standard features include full-suspension seats and full-compartment-length convenience trays.

Options include a hydraulic accumulator designed to reduce the risk of damage to delicate loads during operation, a joystick unitized hydraulic control, electronic power steering, non-marking solid pneumatic tires, closed cabins, keypad access, cold storage prep, dual pneumatic tires, integral side shifters, and ground speed control.