New product: Slimstock offers software to Canadian customers

by Array

TORONTO, Ontario: Dutch-based Slimstock has launched its Slim4 software in Canada.

Slim4, being distributed by the company’s Slimstock Canada Inc division, is an inventory optimization program that interfaces with ERP and accounting systems. It is designed to manage—and reduce—inventory levels. Slimstock claims a reduction of up to 30 percent is achievable.

The software performs a continuous analysis on sales and determines the boundaries in which the demand for items fluctuates. Using that data, parameters can be automatically set for each item.

Slim4 is capable of calculations involving more than a million SKUs in less than an hour.

The system offers exception reporting capabilities and automated ordering based on demand patterns. It can handle data from multiple departments or locations.

According to the company, Slim4 has a short implementation period, typically less than 25 days, and promises to deliver results within the first month of operation.