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Orbis releases plastic grocery pallet

New pallet is designed for better truckload utilization, increased shipping efficiency, long service life

August 11, 2011
by MM&D staff

OCONOMOWOC, WIS: Packaging company ORBIS Corporation has released a reusable plastic pallet, the grocery distribution pallet. Orbis said the pallet is designed to increase space utilization per truckload.

“The grocery pallet is made to withstand the rigors of the grocery industry, while helping companies increase their shipping efficiency,” said Mike Ludka, ORBIS pallet product manager. “It is nestable to optimize space utilization for return trips, thus increasing shipping efficiency and profits.”

The pallet is a nestable pallet with a nest ratio that optimizes space in standard 53ft trailers, said Orbis. It’s designed to store, ship and handle product throughout the grocery supply chain. Its anti-skid surface holds cases and boxes in place in transit and at retail. The pallet has contoured corners and smooth surfaces for easy handling and long-lasting durability, said the company, also noting the pallet was developed to be smooth and non-porous to avoid absorbing moistures or odor.