Picking cart developed for clothing fulfillment

by MM&D Online Staff

CRE-559If “clothes make the man”, getting them to the man just got a little easier.

This line from Shakespeare’s Hamlet and then so eloquently penned by Mark Twain has nothing on the Creform Engineers who worked with a contract warehouse to provide the most suitable picking cart to help them replenish the retail clothing stores that it serves.

Key to the development of the picking cart was to ensure the form, fit and function of the structure to satisfy the warehouse’s diverse needs.

The cart features four clear plastic horizontal shelves each positioned for easy access. The clear plastic affords visibility to all levels of the cart, making it user-friendly for associates.

The shelves’ design helps ensure that the ‘picked’ clothes stay clean. The cart is enclosed on three sides with clear plastic and even features a roof panel to further ensure the clothes stay clean.

Even though designed and built to be lightweight, the cart, 26” wide x 52” long x 78”, is designed to hold up to 500 lb. With a small footprint, it allows for easy navigation and turning in aisles of the warehouse.

The cart features six 4” diameter urethane casters, with the two fixed casters at the center provide excellent steering control, while the four outer swivel casters provide added stability. A simple C-shaped handle on either side of the cart provides the user with comfortable and ergonomic control of the cart. The handles and shelves can be positioned with a simple hex wrench.

Many additional components can be added to customize the carts, such as shelf-position label holders, supply bins, towing hitches and scanner gun holders to name a few.

As with all Creform structures, cart size, load capacity and configuration can be easily modified with the Creform system of pipes and joints. Carts can come in a variety of colors and can be configures for anti-static (ESD) applications.