Plug Power introduces next generation of GenDrive fuel cell products

by MM&D staff

LATHAM, NY: Plug Power Inc has released the next generation of its GenDrive fuel cell products. Designed as a drop-in replacement for lead-acid batteries in electric lift trucks, GenDrive sports several new features the company says are designed to boost reliability and improve lift and towing capacity.With a simplified architecture and common system platform featuring 30 percent fewer components, GenDrive now provides customers with greater flexibility in managing deployments.

“With our application knowledge and advanced technical capabilities, Plug Power has been able to enhance our GenDrive product offerings in a way that simplifies the system and reduces the parts necessary to manufacture the units,” said Adrian Corless, CTO at Plug Power. “As a result, the customer benefits from improved reliability and performance within their lift truck fleet, an important element to building a highly-efficient operation.”

Plug Power said its next-generation GenDrive products are specifically designed to incorporate the lift truck power needs of its material handling customers. For example, lower-priced GenDrive product options are now available to help customers meet order-picking requirements.