ProMat 2011 sneak peek

by Array


Akro-Mils Inc and Buckhorn

Visitors to the Akro-Mils booth will see new offerings such as the InSight Ultra-Clear Bins and Indicator Two-Toned Bins. The company will also unveil the new size and accessories for its Super-Size AkroBin line. Akro-Mils offers a range of durable plastic containers and metal systems. Buckhorn will introduce a new plastic collapsible container system, which offers an alternative to cardboard and plastic corrugated bulk boxes.

Booth #1219

Creform Corporation

Creform’s CA-A50060-NSB AGV drives under a stationary cart equipped with a hitch, extends a tow pin to engage the cart and moves it to a predetermined location. It includes new safety and operational features and programming options. The new Creform 42mm pipe and joint system can be used to create heavy-duty structures without the need for excessive bracing. The company’s new Placon Roller Conveyors provide stability and smooth material handling flow. The conveyor’s three-inch wide rollers offer extra support and can ensure smooth product or box transfer.

Booth #4814


EnerSys will introduce its NexSys battery and charger system, which it says can provide a flexible, maintenance-free energy solution for small traction applications. The battery can increase cycling performance and high-rate recharging capability. The company will also highlight its General battery, Ironclad battery, Enforcer chargers and Express fast charge charger and battery lines.

Booth #1203

Intelligrated Inc

Intelligrated will unveil the latest additions to its IntelliSort line of sorters, the IntelliSort CB and IntelliSort TT cross-belt and tilt-tray sorters. Intelligrated’s cross-belt and tilt-tray sorters work for high-volume distribution centres, parcel hubs and fulfillment operations. Both cross-belt and tilt-tray technologies can be used in applications with a variety of product sizes and shapes that demand high throughput and accurate sorting. They are compact and modular for use in new construction or retrofit applications, the company says. The company also offers Alvey palletizers and robotics, Real Time Solutions order fulfillment systems, warehouse control software and advanced machine controls.

Booth #2903

Interlake Mecalux Inc

Interlake will showcase its EasyWMS warehouse management system (WMS) software. The company says EasyWMS was designed to deliver high
performance while meeting the logistics needs of any warehouse at a low cost and with minimal implementation time. The software can support operating systems up to Windows 7 and software updates are released
regularly. Features include the display of real-time statuses of stock levels, locations, productivity and shipments.

Booth #2012

Intralox LLC

Intralox’s solutions include the Dual-Angled Roller Belt Sorter, which performs 90-degree sorting at 200 cases per minute; the Series 7000 Sorter, which offers high-speed sorting of most package types, with bi-directional divert and tight divert centreline capabilities; and the Pallet Layer Descrambler, which offers automatic descrambling, singulating and orientation of products from pallet layers into single file.

Booth #1537

Kardex Remstar LLC

Kardex Remstar will introduce its new generation of vertical carousels. The Megamat RS vertical carousel features reduced lifecycle costs, an improved structure with interchangeable carriers and multiple control options. The company will highlight its automated storage and retrieval solutions, which are designed to increase productivity and maximize storage space. Visitors will also find information on its parallel picking method, an order picking technique used in industrial material picking operations when standard picking methods become too constrictive.

Booth #2919

Ohio Gratings Inc

Ohio Gratings is showcasing its MGB PressLock bar grating, which is manufactured from carbon steel, and the crossrods and bearing bars are mechanically locked together under 300 to 500 tons of pressure. The product is available in a variety of mesh openings and is suitable for applications such as mezzanines, platforms, catwalks, pallet rack decking, and open mesh shelving.

Booth #1834

Presto Lifts Inc

Presto Lifts will introduce its new DXL Series Compact Scissor Lifts. The company says the high-performance, industrial-duty lifts feature smaller footprints than standard lifts and offer a full 2,000-lbs of lifting capacity. The lifts are suitable for work positioning, assembly, repair and inspection applications in factories, warehouses, retail stores, and repair shops. A double scissor mechanism allows for a low six-inch collapsed height while providing a 42-inch raised height.

Booth #1831

The Raymond Corporation

Operators working in tough dock environments and travelling over uneven floors require lift trucks with maneuverability and a clear line of sight. Raymond Corporation says it designed its models 4150 and 4250 stand-up counterbalanced lift trucks with these operators in mind. The models provide greater visibility, more agile steering, a shorter head length and dual steer tires. They also come with ComfortStance suspension to maximize operator comfort. The company will also highlight its reach-fork trucks, order pickers and swing-reach trucks.

Booth #3219

RMT Robotics

The Grimsby, Ontario-based company will highlight its ADAM Material Handling Mobile Robot—or Lean Machine. ADAM (autonomous delivery and manipulation) is an intelligent robot that independently performs random origin to random destination transport of work-in-process materials and finished goods in lean manufacturing and assembly applications.

Booth #3503

RMT Robotics is also highlighting its automated case and layer picking systems that can reduce the footprint of standard pick modules, pick in exact order sequences, minimize labour and provide traceability.

Booth #3821

Sealed Air Corporation

Sealed Air will highlight its brands such as Bubble Wrap brand cushioning, Jiffy protective mailers, Instapak foam-in-place systems and Cryovac packaging technology.

Booth #3919

Southworth Products Corp

Visitors can learn all about the new Dura-Dock Series loading-dock lifts from Southworth Products. The dock lifts can help transfer loads quickly and safely from truck bed to any dock height. They are available in 5,000-lb and 6,000-lb capacities and feature corrosion-resistant, galvanized base and legs. The company is also exhibiting adaptable lifting, levelling, tilting, turning, rotating, inverting, upending and transporting product solutions.

Booth #403

Yale Materials Handling Corp

Yale Materials Handling will feature its newest generation of electric sit-down rider lift trucks, narrow aisle reach trucks, order selectors, ICE pneumatic tire trucks and walkie rider electric trucks. The company will also highlight its brand re-launch.

Booth #1003