Ship from store software

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

NEW YORK – Cymbio, the technological bridge between brands and retailers, has announced full deployment of its ship-from-store module. This new module comes with the launch of a new version of Cymbio that also features expanded marketplace capabilities, improved OMS features and a new user interface.

Brands and retailers can now turn their brick & mortar locations into mini-warehouses, enabling them to better leverage inventory across channels. Stores can now receive orders from various channels based on ATS, location, optimization of shipping costs and other customizable business rules.

Cymbio’s fulfillment algorithm is fully customizable based on a brand’s goals such as to increase the speed of delivery to the end customer, to minimize shipping costs or even to balance inventory levels. Its load balancer ensures that individual stores do not receive too many orders, protecting their stock position and also their first priority as stores.

Brands and retailers also have the option to fulfill from one source or to split orders, depending on the end goal. Customers are increasingly looking at shipment times when making purchase decisions and ship-from-store can instantly shorten last-mile delivery.

The addition of ship-from-store to Cymbio’s offering further underscores its commitment to providing brands and retailers with a multi-channel solution to increase both efficiencies and sales. It is estimated that ship from store can reduce shipping costs up to 20 per cent and generate double-digit increases in sales revenue.

Roy Avidor, Cymbio’s CEO, explains: “Cymbio breaks down inventory silos, creating one virtual bucket, allowing brands to leverage this inventory to increase sales. Adding ship-from-store was a no-brainer as it truly offers one comprehensive view of inventory and, in addition to increasing sales, also reduces operating costs.”

Cymbio’s technology automatically connects brands’ internal systems and processes and integrates with retailers’ systems. Cymbio offers drop ship automation, a quick replenishment system and holistic shopping experiences.