Shorter-mast forklifts

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

NEW BREMEN, Ohio – Crown Equipment Corporation has introduced a new, shorter mast option for certain models of its counterbalance forklifts that are used heavily in cross-docking applications.

The new two-stage TL mast, commonly referred to as a “Truckers Mast,” is an option for the four-wheel Crown FC 5200 Series counterbalance forklifts and the pneumatic and cushion tire models of the Crown C-5 Series industrial forklifts. It is ideal for use in warehouse dock work and cross-docking applications where a shorter mast is more conducive for the forklift to quickly and easily remove and place loads in truck trailers.

The mast is available in lift heights of 68, 76, 80, 82 and 112 inches, with no change in the maximum load capacities of the forklifts.

“The counterbalance forklift is a vital workhorse of the just-in-time process that is heavily supported by third-party logistics providers and cross-docking facilities,” said Rob Chaney, marketing product manager, Crown Equipment. “Crown engineers redesigned the standard mast so it was better suited for the application without any negative impact to the performance and durability levels. The mast’s slimmer cross brace helps improve visibility, further enhancing safety in these busy environments.”

The Crown FC 5200 and Crown C-5 Series both support load capacities ranging from 4,000 to 6,500 pounds. The Crown FC 5200 electric forklift is built with a strong, durable frame and power train to handle a variety of loads. It gives operators the strength, stability and maneuverability they need to lift heavy loads in tight spaces and on crowded docks.

With a 2.4-litre LPG engine, the Crown C-5 is a versatile forklift that can be used in indoor and outdoor environments where conditions may be unpredictable or harsh. It is equipped with innovative and durable components, such as the optional On-Demand Cooling system, which increases uptime.