Technical support software

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

SALT LAKE CITY – Packsize has launched a new software offering that gives its customers real-time remote technical support and assistance. Designed to simplify and enhance these interactions, PackAssist is part of the manufacturer’s Packsize Care program that accompanies every system contract.

Upon installation, a packaging operator can utilize PackAssist as necessary to instantly create, track and display a troubleshooting case number, alleviating the need to contact Packsize by phone. The Packsize technical support team is immediately notified of the case, including all customer and machine information.

In addition, PackAssist queues the customer’s preferred contact number and prompts a return support call from the appropriate Packsize technical support representative.

As a Packsize Care program enhancement, PackAssist can be added to a customer’s On Demand Packaging system for no additional charge.

PackAssist is currently available and supported in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Provided in English or Spanish, PackAssist requires a Microsoft Windows 7 operating system or higher for installation.