Three new cobots

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Aubo Robotics is introducing three new collaborative robots.

The Aubo i10 six-axis, long-reach collaborative robot (cobot) has a 10 kg payload and is available now. The rest of the new offerings, a three-kilogram and a seven-kilogram payload robot will be released in the first quarter of 2019.

The Aubo Robotics product line now consists of the Aubo-i3 with a three-kg payload and 625-mm reach; Aubo-i5 with a five-kg payload and 924-mm reach; Aubo-i7 with a seven-kg payload and 1,150-mm reach; and Aubo-i10 with a 10-kg payload and 1350-mm reach.

Aubo robots are known for their precision, speed,  flexible, easy of redeployment in an automation environment. These models have a small footprint and lightweight design, increasing their versatility and making them ideal for mounting on the floor, ceiling, or even wall, which saves floor space that is a premium at manufacturing and distribution facilities.

The ‘teach pendant’ enables easy programming coupled with hand guiding, so the user can program the robot by leading it through the motion points or trajectory necessary to complete the task and record the path.

The following are some of the advantages of having a collaborative robot:

  • Efficient: Increased speed can improve the production capacity and compensate for the time loss caused by manual labour.
  • Precision: Accuracy can reduce the production cost and increase profit margins.
  • Convenient: Small footprint and lightweight exterior allows plants to integrate into existing machinery and floor space.
  • Easy operation: The robot provides a simple operating system which allows workers to quickly deploy an application task without prior programming experience.
  • Safety: The above characteristics lay the foundation for the safety of the AUBO robot, and the force-feedback system provides reliable security for man-machine cooperation.
  • Price: Quick return on investments and low acquisition cost.

Robotic automation is now a possibility for companies of any size. The fast return on investment, quick deployment, easy-to-use and versatile automation solutions needed to increase flexibility, lower cost and accelerate innovation.