Vertical picking and transport cart

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
Gen2 AIO Kit Cart’s main use is to hold parts for kitting or completed kits that are being transported to and from production, assembly and distribution production lines

EAST PEORIA, Illinois — J-tec Industries, Inc, manufacturer of the CarryMore Mother/Daughter Tugger Cart System, has released its next-generation of its All-in-One Kit Cart used for vertical picking and transporting materials for assembly and distribution, called the CarryMore Gen2 All-in-One Kit Cart.

J-tec stocks the frame and most attachments and can build to order and ship this new product within five weeks.

The Gen2 AIO Kit Cart is one of several models of CarryMore Daughter Carts which engages with and is transported atop the CarryMore Mother Carts in a train configuration.

Its main use is to hold parts for kitting or completed kits that are being transported to and from production, assembly and distribution production lines. It is completely customizable and its unique design allows it to be lifted securely vertically for picking on stockpickers or fork trucks.

In addition, J-tec’s own CarryMore Picker Attachment can be used for maximum security when engaging with, lifting and picking with this cart using those vehicles.

The Gen2 AIO Kit Cart retains all of the strength and weight-holding capacities as its heavier predecessor, the Gen1 AIO, holding up to 2500 lbs. of cargo.

But it is 39% lighter and even more modular to adjust to user’s needs for parts and cargo sizes. The weight reduction is a result of design engineering enhancements to the frame to enhance already impressive ergonomic push-pull ratios and to reduce structural costs.

The new design allows shelves, drawers, flippers, spindles and other components to be adjusted in 2” increments from the rear panel of the cart (from 3” in Gen1 models), and also allows for more modularity for customer choices for outer wall protection options.

While Gen1 walls were welded expanded steel coverings, the new Gen2 can also be fitted with a variety of modular outer coverings ranging from mesh panels, to wire frames, to plexiglass and HDPE panels, and more. All of this can be customized during the build for the end user’s needs.

The Gen2 AIO Kit Cart’s optional fixed and air-assisted lift shelves are engineered to hold up to 500 lbs. of weight per shelf and its pull-out drawers can hold 250 lbs. of center-loaded weight.

“We believe that our Gen2 AIO shelves and drawers can hold more weight than any other comparable kit cart on the market,” said Joe Knepp, J-tec’s vice-president and engineering lead.

“We are extremely proud of this new, improved generation kit cart. We have sold thousands of our original models in the past and our customers love them. We’re getting very positive reviews from those who’ve now received the newer Gen2 carts, as well. It’s just a great cart,” he said.