Vocollect unveils next generation voice solution set

by MM&D staff

STUTTGART AND PITTSBURGH: Vocollect Inc, a maker of voice-centric solutions for mobile workers, has introduced its new voice-centric solution set. The Next Generation Vocollect Voice Solution suite features two broad new product sets, the Vocollect Voice Software Suite and the Premium Wearable Voice Solution.

The Vocollect Voice Software Suite provides advanced host interface and voice workflow logic to a broad range of warehouse management systems (WMS). The suite is based on VoiceArtisan, VoiceLink, VoiceDirect and VoiceApplication products.

Those using the system can voice-enable their WMS-based operations via real-time direct interfaces, middleware, or third-party middleware. The new suite is based on industry standards for application design, development, and testing. It provides Vocollect partners with greater flexibility and expanded capabilities for creating custom workflow capabilities for end customers, building on a range of tasks such as selection, put-to-store, replenishment, put-away, loading, cycle-counting, inventory control, and receiving.

The Premium Wearable Industrial Solution, based on the new Talkman A500 and VoiceCatalyst client software, provides speech recognition. The Talkman A500 supports ring scanners, printers, displays, and RFID readers and includes advance operations status and statistics capability.