APICS introduces one-day SCOR seminar

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

CHICAGO, Illinois—APICS will be holding introductory, one-day seminars for the Supply Chain Operations Reference model (SCOR), a supply chain framework.

The seminar will introduce the SCOR framework, which was developed to help businesses understand, structure, and evaluate the performance of their supply chains. Seminar date and locations are available on the APICS website.

“Measuring supply chain performance is a key to optimization, and effective benchmarking against industry peers is critical to understanding areas that need attention,” said APICS executive vice-president, Peter Bolstorff.

“The SCOR seminar offers an introduction to SCOR for individuals and companies seeking to learn more about how applying the SCOR model could improve supply chain performance but are not yet ready to commit to gaining the SCOR-P endorsement.”

APICS’s unrivaled SCOR framework enables timely, well-informed decisions to advance a global supply chain. It was founded as a supply chain improvement methodology using process analysis, performance metrics, and best practices to identify performance gaps, guide organizational change management, and provide the analysis needed to drive improvement programs to achieve increased levels of supply chain performance.

Upon completion of the one-day seminar, participants will be able to:

  • Explore goals and application of the SCOR Reference Model framework
  • Understand the structure of the SCOR Reference Model framework sourcebooks
  • Work with the five central processes of the SCOR framework: plan, source, make, deliver and return processes
  • Summarize a SCOR improvement program
  • Arrange a SCOR Test Drive for your company and set up an introductory tour

To learn what SCOR can do for your organization, register to attend the SCOR Overview Seminar. The first one takes place Thursday, May 4, 2017, in Chicago, Illinois.