CTA to review regulations

by MM&D Online Staff

Toronto, OntarioScott Streiner, chair and CEO of the Canadian Transportation Agency, today announced a full review of all the regulations administered by the Agency. The announcement was part of a speech in Toronto to the Economic Club of Canada.

“The Agency needs to transform its regulations and tools to keep pace with changes in business models, user expectations, and best practices in the regulatory field,” Streiner said. “These are complex matters that will need broad input. To get that input, we will actively undertake consultations with a wide range of stakeholders and interested Canadians.”

The Agency will seek input from the transportation industry, shippers, consumers and disability rights organizations. All interested Canadians will have an opportunity to provide feedback.

This initiative will:

  • ensure that industry’s obligations are clear, predictable, and relevant to a range of existing and emerging business practices;
  • ensure that the demands associated with compliance are only as high as necessary to achieve the regulations’ purposes; and
  • facilitate the efficient and effective identification and correction of instances of non-compliance.

A full suite of modernized regulations will be drafted by the end of 2017 and implemented in 2018.

In the coming weeks, the Agency will be providing updates and more detailed information on how to participate in the consultations on its website.

The Agency administers a total of nine regulations covering air, rail and accessible transportation.