Retailers applaud proposed Ontario red-tape reductions

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

TORONTO – The Retail Council of Canada (RCC) has come out in favour of new Ontario anti-red tape legislation.

The Better for People, Smarter for Business Act, 2019 “clearly demonstrates the Ontario Government’s continued commitment to reducing unnecessary red tape – and costs – for businesses. With this new bill, in combination with past legislation, the Ontario Government will save businesses in Ontario an estimated $338 million,” the retail advocacy body said in a statement.

Two key changes will impact retailers: 1) how companies transport products, and 2) how grocers need to label food.

The legislation will expand time of day travel for Long-Combination Vehicles (LCVs). LCVs have faced highway travel restrictions, which today’s bill relaxes or removes, allowing business to choose more efficient and safer ways to transport goods.

The Ontario Trucking Association has reported that LCVs can transport two traditional tractor loads using 30 percent less fuel.  LCVs save on gas, making them both economical and good for the environment. LCVs, with their enhanced braking systems and more tires to grip the road, also boast a better highway safety record than single-trailer trucks.

Since enacted, Ontario-specific rules on calorie counts in the grocery sector have been problematic. With the changes announced today, provincial and federal rules on food labelling will be harmonized.  This will save grocers in Ontario $25.6 million in unnecessary operational costs, while ensuring that consumers will remain well informed on nutrition.

“Today’s announcement will remove and prevent significant compliance costs that have burdened retailers in Ontario,” said Sebastian Prins, director of public relations, Ontario, Retail Council of Canada. “Streamlining process and expanding business choice will pass on savings to consumers.”