Middle East thieves target warehouses

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by Emily Atkins

More than three quarters of cargo theft in the Middle East happens at warehouses.

A new report by international freight transport insurer TT Club and the supply chain services and solutions team at BSI, the business improvement and standards company identifies crime hot-spots in the region as well as where and how thefts are carried out.

The report found that warehouse thefts and supply chain corruption are the stand-outs, with a concentration on higher risk areas across the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The role special economic zones play in the Middle East also effects regional disparities in cargo theft.

The report, Cargo Crime in Gulf Countries and Regional Free Trade Zones, is intended as a risk mitigation tool for transport operators. It is available for download.

“Our reports are intended to alert those in the supply chain to the variable and developing trends in the risk of cargo theft during intermodal transportation,” said TT Club’s Mike Yarwood.

“Regular updates of this nature are essential as criminal gangs are constantly altering their points of attack.  The current prevalence of supply chain congestion, delays, disruption, and in the Middle East region in particular packed warehouses, makes such information critical.”

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