Truckloads of counterfeit pallets seized in Belgium

by MM&D Online Staff

Bild Aktion Belgien_Mai 2016Düsseldorf, Germany—At the end of May, several truckloads of counterfeit EPAL Euro pallets were discovered and seized in Belgium. This successful action took place in close cooperation between the European Pallet Association (EPAL) and the independent inspection company, Bureau Veritas, who on behalf of EPAL carry out unannounced, quality inspections worldwide.

Original EPAL Euro pallets can be recognized by the EPAL logo on all four corner blocks, and new pallets also have either a yellow or black control staple embossed with the ‘EPAL in oval’ marking on one of the middle blocks. Counterfeit pallets are usually missing the EPAL control staple, and almost without exception have significant quality defects.

Bernd Dörre, the lawyer responsible for all legal questions on the use of EPAL Euro pallets, advises that, “Currently we have a large number of cases, especially in the Netherlands and Belgium, where counterfeit pallets have been found. We therefore think a reminder to refrain from ordering pallets with the EPAL branded marking from dubious sources, is worthwhile.

“If new or as new used EPAL Euro pallets are offered at prices clearly under the standard market prices, they are almost always counterfeit. The same applies in cases where used EPAL Euro pallets are ordered, but new or as new pallets are delivered. In these cases, the pallets should be carefully inspected. If there is reason to suspect that pallets are counterfeit, EPAL should be asked to inspect the pallets.”

EPAL advised only in October last year on the legal consequences connected with importing, storing and selling counterfeit EPAL Euro pallets.