Knockdown Racking: A Robust, Cost Effective Storage Solution

by North American Steel

Over the past year in North America all industries have been facing the challenge of inflation driven by the rising cost of fuel, shortages of raw materials, supply chain bottlenecks, and declining availability of labour. This shift in the economy has all business operators working to determine where they can cut costs in their operations without sacrificing output from their business.

To combat these challenges, North American Steel has ramped up production and distribution of one of our fastest growing product lines, Knockdown racking, often referred to as Bolted racking.

Knockdown racking has become a popular product line with several benefits for those looking for a robust yet cost effective industrial storage solution. Outlined below are some of the key benefits behind NAS Knockdown racking.

Versatile Racking with Extensive Compatibility

When purchasing industrial racking products, there may be a concern with how well the racking can evolve over time with changes in your business. Knockdown Racking from NAS offers the benefit of interchangeability with welded racking and components, is available in single or welded double post options, and can be manufactured in the two most common profiles, North American (Redirack) and American (Teardrop).

Knockdown racking is not limited to the types of systems it can be used in. Modern warehouses utilize multiple different racking systems to satisfy diverse storage requirements. Knockdown racking can be easily designed for use in standard Selective racking, Double Deep racking, Very Narrow Aisle racking, but it can also be used in more complex systems, such as Pallet Runners, Pallet Flow, Carton Flow, Catwalk systems and Storage Platforms.

Lower Overall Costs Without Sacrifices

NAS Knockdown racking has become a popular solution amongst numerous companies across different industries, particularly in recent years, due to the cost savings. As Knockdown racking is bolted and requires less steel to produce, costs are reduced due to the absence of welding and the reduction in raw materials used in production.

In addition to the lower cost for the racking itself, shipping costs are also often reduced with Knockdown racking, as the components are shipped disassembled, reducing shipping weight and size.

Although there are cost savings to be had with Knockdown racking, do not mistake that for a loss of quality or capacity. NAS Knockdown racking can be designed and engineered to meet virtually any storage capacity requirements. Components such as post protectors, deflector angles and end of aisle guards give Knockdown racking virtually identical strength compared to welded racking. It is important to work with a company like NAS who engineers and manufactures bolted racking domestically, to ensure that all specifications are met, appropriate bracing patterns are used, and long-term reliability of the racking system can be ensured and certified.

Reduced Downtimes and Greater Availability of Components

A common challenge that warehouse operators face is racking downtime when damage occurs. These damages, while ultimately unavoidable, cause unwanted downtime and create bottlenecks in the operations of the warehouse. This may be exacerbated by the time it takes to repair or replace welded components in the field.

Knockdown racking has the benefit of quicker and less costly field repairs, especially for damaged uprights, as components do not need to be field welded. This results in shorter downtimes, allowing the warehouse to optimally operate with less interruption.

At North American Steel, our distribution centres across Canada maintain a healthy stock of Knockdown racking components so they can be accessed quickly and easily by our clients.

In 2021, the Western Division of NAS, North American Storage, expanded into a brand new 30,000 sq. ft. distribution facility in Calgary, AB, Canada.

This new facility stocks the complete NAS Knockdown racking line, along with all accessories, as well as our industrial shelving lines, EasyUp 7000 and Widespan 4000.

This new facility feeds into the ongoing expansion of North American Steel, offering easier access to hardware and service across Canada and the United States.

If you are interested in learning more about NAS Knockdown racking or any of our other wide array of industrial storage products, please contact us here or email us at