Detroit-Windsor Tunnel upgrades completed

by Array

DETROIT, Michigan: After 18 months of effort, work has been completed that should help speed the movement of traffic through Detroit-Windsor Tunnel.

The expansion created 10 percent more US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) primary inspection lanes and booths and expanded the vehicle queuing area on the Detroit Plaza.

The CBP secondary inspection area was also expanded. In addition, lighting was improved at the Plaza.

The way the tunnel is ventilated has also been changed. It was converted from full-transverse ventilation to semi-transverse ventilation.

“This strategy allows us to reduce operating energy costs by over 50 percent,” says Detroit-Windsor Tunnel CEO, Neal Belitsky.

“In the event of an emergency in the tunnel, operations would revert to full-transverse ventilation, in which both supply and exhaust fans would be operated.”

While most of the upgrades have been finished, there is still one project underway. New LED lighting is being installed that meets all US federal and international tunnel lighting standards for quality and cost-efficient lighting.

“As a result, over the next 10 years, the Detroit Windsor Tunnel will save more than US$1.18 million dollars in energy costs. That’s the kind of environmental impact we like to see,” says Belitsky.

The tunnel has remained open during the construction.