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Draft occupational standards for supply chain roles ready for validation

November 12, 2014

MISSISSAUGA, Ont.– Through its current Supply Chain Links project, the Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council (CSCSC), with help from CSA Group, is creating 15 new occupational standards for the supply chain sector. Due to be completed in 2015, the standards describe occupations in transportation, marine and port operations, rail and intermodal facilities, pipelines and air cargo. These standards will supplement the Council’s 33 existing supply chain occupational standards.

Six of the 15 standards are now available in draft form for review by stakeholders:

1. Airport Ramp Attendant

2. Airport Ramp Services Supervisor

3. Delivery and Courier Services Driver

4. Longshore Worker

5. Longshore Worker Supervisor

6. Terminal Manager

This group of draft documents will be online in the CSA Community of Interest ( until December 18. The 40-day public-consultation period is intended to provide the CSCSC with feedback from supply chain employers, academics and other stakeholders on the accuracy and completeness of the documents. Stakeholder validation will help ensure that the standards are relevant and useful to Canada’s supply chain employers and workers.

 To provide input in the validation of these standards:

 1. Register for the CSA Community of Interest.

2. Join the project space named “Supply Chain Occupational Standards Development.”

3. Open the “CSCSC OS Open for Review” folder on the right side of the screen.

4. Download the comment-submission sheet.

5. View or download the occupational standards files.

6. Enter feedback on the comment-submission sheet and email it to Iva Vasileski at

 Public consultations related to two further groups of standards will be conducted in 2015.