Lakeside Logistics wins environmental award

by Canadian Shipper

OAKVILLE, Ont. — Lakeside Logistics has won the Greening of the Supply Chain Award at the inaugural CATIE Awards. The award, presented at the Canadian Association of Importers and Exporters (I.E. Canada) annual conference in October, was was presented in recognition of a corporation that, through its own internal processes and systems, has set a new standard for suppliers and vendors to meet in terms of environmental sustainability.

“Corporate social responsibility is becoming a very important part of trade. Companies like Lakeside Logistics that make an exceptional commitment to environmental sustainability are world leaders,” said Mary Anderson, president of I.E. Canada.

“It is indeed an honour to be recognized for our commitment to reduce the carbon impact on our planet,” said Susan Moore, director of sustainability for Lakeside Logistics. “Leading by example, we have sustained a carbon neutral status for our company since November 2007.”

Since the inception of Lakeside’s Vision Green program, the company has focused on internal initiatives as well as programs for their carriers and clients to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Recently, the company passed another important milestone. To reduce carbon emissions for clients and carriers, Lakeside has aggressively targeted its major carriers to join the US EPA SmartWay program – a program that helps carriers reduce emissions through technology and education. In 2007, 15% of Lakeside’s miles were hauled by SmartWay-certified carriers. In October, the number had climbed to 38%, exceeding the 2010 goal one year early.

“Exceeding our goals brings its own rewards. It tells us that we are making a difference and the benefits are accruing to our carriers, our clients and most important our planet,” remarked Jeff Moore, managing director of Lakeside Logistics.


To read more about Lakeside Logistics’ environmental programs, read the article featured in the August 2008 issue of Canadian Transportation and Logistics here.


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