Montreal Port Authority buys two locomotives

by Array

MONTREAL: The Montreal Port Authority (MPA) has signed an agreement with R.J. Corman Railpower to buy two multiple-generator (GenSet) locomotives, which the port says are more environmentally friendly than other options. The port has previously bought a locomotive from the company that was delivered in October 2010. Each locomotive has a total capacity of 2,000 horsepower.

“By purchasing these two new locomotives, the Montreal Port Authority confirms its commitment to make the Port of Montreal a benchmark of the best environmental practices in North America’s marine industry,” said Sylvie Vachon, the port’s president and CEO. Vachon said the port’s dockside railway system offers it an advantage. “Our intermodal system, which makes it possible to form trains loaded with containers right beside ships, is the envy of our competitors, who named it the Montreal Model.”

GenSet locomotives make it possible to reduce diesel consumption through a power-regulating device that can start up one, two or all three generators depending on the size of the task. As well, when the locomotive remains stationary for more than five minutes, the on-board computer puts the locomotive into standby mode, shutting off all the generators. This system helps reduce fuel consumption by 30 percent and cuts greenhouse gas emissions by more than 50 percent.