Nova Scotia approves trucking of compressed natural gas

by Canadian Shipper

HALIFAX, N.S. — The province of Nova Scotia has given the green light to the transportation by truck of compressed natural gas.

The move was made to reduce the cost of natural gas for hospitals, universities and other users that could not access the gas by pipeline. The decision to allow gas to be delivered by truck was made following the recommendation of an independent review.

The report concluded that delivery to customers without pipeline access should be treated the same as fuel oil and propane delivery. It could create new business opportunities for trucking companies.

“Trucking compressed natural gas in a competitive marketplace could save our industrial sector tens of millions of dollars a year in energy costs,” said Energy Minister Charlie Parker. “This makes our companies more competitive and saves our universities and hospitals money that can be spent in the classroom or on patient care.”

Trucking providers will be governed by existing transportation of dangerous materials regulations. The new rules will be reviewed after five years. The report can be read at

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