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TECSYS says number of health systems using its supply chain optimization systems has doubled

August 4, 2014

AURORA, Ont.–– TECSYS Inc., a solutions providers of supply chain management solutions for health systems, announced that it has doubled thenu mber of healthcare organizations using TECSYS over the last two years as organizations reduce costs through improving efficiency and service delivery by optimizing their supply chain.

“With today’s challenges, every health system executive needs to transform their organization to an efficient network that consistently provides quality care wherever the patient is. They want to take costs out of their supply chain while improving the quality and safety of the service they provide. Over the last ten years we have demonstrated that through optimizing their supply chains, health systems can achieve great success improving patient care in ways they never thought possible. Over the last two years, twice as many health systems executives have stepped forward and have asked us to help them transform their organization. Those who did take that step have realized their vision and now control their own supply chain destiny, from source to patients, and in the process saved millions of dollars directly to their bottom line,” said  Robert Colosino, Vice-President of Marketing & Business Development at TECSYS.

TECSYS equips health systems to transform their operations into a transparent, efficient and optimized supply chain network through to point of care. Clinicians can dedicate their time to patient care, while behind the scenes TECSYS’ health system-specific software solutions ensure on-time delivery of supplies for patient-centric care, the company said.