Vancouver seeks opinions on cargo terminal

by Array

VANCOUVER, British Columbia—Port Metro Vancouver’s Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project is entering the consultation phase.

The proposed Roberts Bank Terminal 2 Project is a multi-berth container terminal at Roberts Bank in Delta, BC. As part of the port’s Container Capacity Improvement Program, it could provide 2.4 million TEUs of container capacity.

During the public consultation phase, stakeholders are invited to provide information and offer opinions about the project design. Two of the primary goals for this stage are to refine the design and to develop an environmental mitigation plan.

Consultations will take place between October 22 and November 30. For those looking to participate, the options are:

  • attend an open house session at the port;
  • attend an off-site meeting;
  • read the proposal online and provide feedback;
  • prepare a written statement and submit it to the port;
  • call the port and offer input.

For more details about these options (including meeting dates and times and contact information), see the consultation page on the PMVwebsite.