Dematic expands lifecycle support services

by Array

GRAND RAPIDS, MI: Logistics systems supplier Dematic has expanded its customer service infrastructure to increase life-cycle support services, the company said. Dematic has added service capabilities, new North American locations and increased staff to extend support to more warehouse operations. Dematic said it offers lifecycle support services to all its users, as well as users of other material handling systems.

“It’s all about maintaining an organization with bandwidth in order to assure the highest uptime for our users’ systems with the lowest cost of ownership,” said Steve Brandt, vice-president, new business for Dematic customer service. “While the engineering and implementation process for a material handling system usually occurs during a 25-week period, we understand that Dematic must have a responsive infrastructure to support these material handling and warehouse logistics systems for the next 25 years or longer.”

The functional areas of ongoing lifecycle support services include: technical support call centre; part support; field service; modernization; and resident maintenance service. Dematic said examples of lifecycle support offerings include: system and maintenance audits; energy monitoring/management; computer server replacement; software/controls upgrades and equipment upgrades for conveyors, sorters, ASRS, and AGVS. New offering examples include the alert monitoring service, a technical support capability that monitors a system and alerts you only when there is a significant issue, and notifies you on how to respond to the issue.

The technical support call centre includes mechanical, controls, or software telephone support, Dematic said. Part support includes a parts website, parts call centre, and a parts warehouse.  Field support performs system audits, scheduled maintenance, and emergency service calls. The modernization group upgrades, re-builds, expands, or reconfigures existing material handling systems with new components, controls, and software, the company added, while the resident maintenance program offers maintenance support using dedicated dematic technical staff.