Inside Logistics

Global Focus – January/February 2010

March 11, 2010

New logistics platform for China
Waterloo, Ontario-based Descartes Systems Group has joined forces with New Trend International Logistics Technology Ltd (NTI), a China-based material handling technology provider. The aim is to create a logistics information management platform that enables participants to work together to automate multi-party business processes and share critical information.

Santé! Prost! Union toasts 10 years
At first glance it may not be clear how a partnership between a renowned champagne producer and industrial tire manufacturer could be so appropriate.

But it is for French champagne producer Moët et Chandon and German-based Continental Industrial Tires. The two companies have worked together now for 10 years.

Continental Industrial provides its SC20 tires for Moët’s 90 forklifts. Moët says it uses the tires because they do not contain materials that generate nitrosamines, so there is no risk of tire wear particles contaminating the beverages. The tire’s suspension is also a key feature when transporting the fragile bottles and ensuring that the corks do not pop prematurely.

Considering that the corridors in Moët’s wine cellars are roughly 28km in total length, it’s easy to see why good tires are critical.