New product: Adjustable light

by Array

MILWAUKEE, Wisconsin—With a multi-articulating arm built from molded nylon links, the Rite-Lite Flex Neck LED Dock Light from Right-Hite is designed to make it easier to see inside all corners of a docked trailer.

According to Rite-Hite, the arm’s “bend points” can be modified to ensure the light isn’t blocked by obstructions. The company also says the links can be tightened to eliminate sagging that traditionally occurs in metal snake arm construction.

The Rite-Lite has four different light levels and uses visual indicators to identify the current level of lighting. It uses 18 watt CREE LEDs that produce 950 lumens and have an estimated 175,200 hours of service life.

Options include motion-sensing technology which allows the lights to dim to 50 percent of the output after a forklift or a person has left the trailer. It also reduces the light to its lowest level when it senses there has be no activity in the trailer for 30 minutes.

The unit is designed with a low-profile, no-glass head to reduce the chances of impact and damage.

The Rite-Lite has a five-year warranty.