New product: Heater coils added to air curtains

by Array

NEW CASTLE, Pennsylvania—The VS Series of air curtains from Berner International Corp can now be installed on larger dock doors. The company is now offering curtains to fit doors measuring up to 16 feet.

Also new to the VS Series is an optional heater coil. Output from the VTH Venturi ranges from 14 to 70kW (or 44,000 to 238,000-Btu/hr). According to Berner, the air curtain heater is positioned outside the air stream in the fan assembly, so it doesn’t impede airflow. The unit was designed so that replacing a heater element should only take a few minutes.

The air curtain is made from 16 gauge aluminized steel and the unit is constructed as a single piece. It can be installed either vertically or horizontally without the need for supporting mounts. It has a milled aluminum air intake screen, and comes with top and bottom service and maintenance access panels.

Other options include steam, hot water or indirect gas-fired heating coils (to provide indoor heat and keep employees warm).

The VS has a 60-decibal sound rating and a five-year parts warranty (the heated models have two-year warranties).