New product: Improved track and trace capabilities

by Array

MINNEAPOLIS, Minnesota—Version 12.0 of the HighJump Supply Chain Advantage product suit has been redesigned to improve the user interface and streamline the navigation process.

The revamped interface also provides new navigational aids and formatting controls which make it easier to rearrange data.

The software suite from HighJump Software also has enhancements to its lot tracing functions, including new reporting tools that offer greater visibility to inventories during product recalls, and features that make it easier to process returns accurately.

Also part of the suite is an expanded portfolio of configurable voice solutions, including distribution voice-enabled workflow for areas such as picking, receiving and replenishment.

While the system has been configured to run on Windows 64-bit servers and thereby handle larger amounts of data better than previous versions, the Minneapolis, Minnesota-based company says it has also performed the engineering required to reduce the bandwidth demands the software places on the server by up to 75 percent.

Other code enhancements means that now users can access the software with any web browser, and not just Internet Explorer.