Remote control forklift wins prize for apprentices

by MM&D Online Staff

Shipley, UK—Apprentices from CMB Engineering have been awarded Medallions of Excellence at the International WorldSkills competition in São Paulo, Brazil.

Bringing together teams of talented young individuals from more than 50 countries around the world, the tournament is considered the ultimate test of skill for apprentices. Participants aged 18 to 25 competed for medals in more than 40 different categories such as polymechanics and automation, web design, mobile robotics, prototype modelling and electrical installation. CMB Engineering’s three-strong team, representing the UK, returned victorious in the renowned and hard-fought Manufacturing Team Challenge.

The team, consisting of Chris Renwick, Patrick Devanney and Dominic Trees, was tasked with creating a remote control forklift capable of transporting loads of 50kg with firm instructions that it had to be both sustainable and developed to strict specifications. No strangers to success, the team recently won first place in the UK National WorldSkills competition in Birmingham in November last year. The achievements, both nationally and internationally, are testament to the young engineers’ commendable skill set.

Speaking shortly after the closing ceremony, General Manager at CMB Engineering Andrew Truelove, said: “We are extremely proud of the boys’ efforts in what is a highly pressurized environment.  The fact that they were able to keep calm and replicate the high standards of work that they produce for us on a daily basis on the global stage, is proof of their strong character, exceptional workmanship and the high level of expert support and training they receive at CMB.”

Taking place every two years, WorldSkills International provides a forum to compare and learn about world-class competency standards in the industrial trades and service sectors of the global economy. To prepare for the WorldSkills Competition, each member of Team UK participated in an intense 18 month training program to ensure they could perform at the world-class standard in their skill.

CMB Engineering, based in Shipley, UK, designs, develops and manufactures canmaking equipment.