Aroports de Montral says expansion is critical to success

by Canadian Shipper

Expansion will be critical for Aeroports de Montreal to continue to properly provide for the air transport needs of Greater Montral and the province as a whole, says the airport executive.

The expansion programme itself is a master plan for the years 2001-2009 and is based on an aggregate capacity of 15 million passengers. The plan calls for investment totalling $716 million, broken down into three phases; the cost of planned expansion during the initial 2001-2003 phase has been set at $250 million. In terms of financial results, Aroports de Montral generated revenues totalling $176.8 million in 2000, an increase of 7.9 % compared with the previous year.

To finance this initial phase, airport improvement fees will rise from $10 to $15 at Montral-Dorval, and from $0 to $10 at Montral-Mirabel. Arport improvement fees currently amount to the sole source of additional income available to Aroports de Montral.

The executive of Aroports de Montral has also been playing an active role in the proceedings of the Canadian Airports Council, helping to devise a new rent formula applicable to all airports that would more readily allow Aroports de Montral to move ahead with development plans. This formula has been submitted to the Minister of Transport for Canada for approval.

The two primary thrusts for enhancing competitiveness in the longer term involve, on the one hand, developing airport facilities that are functional and efficient for both passengers and air carriers and, on the other, ensuring that costs per passenger remain lower than the competition’s.

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