Advanced Pallet Solutions offers new steel pallel

by Canadian Shipper

Barrie, ONAdvanced Pallet Solutions, a newly formed steel pallet company, says it has done its research and convinced companies to break away from the traditional wooden skid that is currently consuming 50% of natural resources just in manufacturing alone.

According to Hardwood Market Report, an estimated 1.9 billion wooden skids are in circulation every year and each year another 400 million are produced. Over 100 million skids end up in landfill sites and that doesn’t factor in the countless others that are lost, abandoned in fields or burnt.

“Companies who stand behind their corporate commitment to ensure the preservation of the environment have turned their pallet concerns over to a natural solution, steel” says Advanced Pallet Solutions president, Brad Wagner.

Companies can also increase their bottom lines by switching to a steel pallet, he says.

With steel pallets the lifespan is virtually unlimited, unlike the wooden skid with a lifespan of just 1.7 trips. The steel pallet also appeals to workers who handle the pallet on a daily basis and companies have found that workers compensation claims are considerably lower when using the steel pallet due to the fact it weighs almost 35% less than a wooden skid.

Wagner states “there is a need in the market for our steel pallet (patent pending) and companies no longer have to rely on the standard “40×48″ wooden pallet that often does not accommodate warehouse space, transportation requirements or the simple palletizing of their products. Our steel pallet is designed and manufactured to ensure the customer’s requirements are fully met. By switching to steel pallets, companies will save money in warehousing, transportation and labor expenses while meeting or exceeding their environmental commitments.”

As regulations get increasingly stricter at all borders, companies will eventually be forced to find an alternative to the wooden skid, says Wagner.

Governments are also trying to reduce the risk of introducing Invasive Alien Species, harmful pests which are known to be transported and spread via untreated wood packaging.

“We are going to provide companies with an alternative solution to the wooden skid, one that will appeal to the company, the employees, the consumers and the government. We want industry to have a choice when it comes to warehousing and shipping requirements because as the market sits, companies really don’t have a choice, wooden skid companies are making the choices for them,” says Wagner.

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