Air Canada opens cold chain centre in Toronto

by Inside Logistics Online Staff

Air Canada Cargo has opened its new cold chain handling facility at Toronto Pearson International Airport .

The $16-million project was undertaken to expand the carrier’s cold chain handling capabilities for shipments such as pharmaceuticals, fresh food and other perishables.

“The enhanced temperature-controlled facility is the only one of its kind for a Canadian airline,” said Jason Berry, vice-president, cargo, at Air Canada.

Berry said the new facility adds to the recent growth at Air Canada Cargo, alongside the launch of dedicated freighter aircraft.

The upgraded facility has over 30,000 square feet of temperature-controlled areas, and an expanded cooler for cold chain shipments such as pharmaceuticals, fresh food and other perishables. This is the first step in a multi-year investment plan for the facility and are part of several planned infrastructure investment projects, the company said.

Multiple zones

The extended cooler can accommodate more unit load devices (ULD) and loose shipments with COL (+2°C to +8°C) and CRT (+15°C to +25°C) temperature requirements. It can also provide additional racking, and an upgraded dedicated area for active temperature control units.

The renovations included the installation of energy-efficient equipment such as temperature controllers that will constantly monitor the conditions inside the facility and only regulate the temperature as needed, resulting in reduced energy consumption.

As well, rapid roll-up doors have been installed to minimize the energy loss when the cooler is accessed to store or retrieve goods. LED lighting has been installed throughout the facility, further reducing energy consumption.