Schenker offers full charter flights from China

by Inside Logistics Online Staff
The charters offer 10 flights per week.

SHANGHAI and ESSEN, Germany – DB Schenker has launched exclusive full charter flights connecting Beijing, Shanghai, Zhengzhou and Hongkong to Chicago and Frankfurt ten times a week.

The flights are meant to help shippers exporting from China find capacity in the absence of regularly scheduled bellyhold space. The Global Flight Operations Program follows earlier full charter operations, such as DB Schenker’s Covid-19 Airbridge.

“In China, the majority of the manufacturers have recovered to normal,” said Martin Habisreitinger, vice-president air freight, DB Schenker Greater China.

“With the COVID-19-pandemic still not under control worldwide, we do not expect passenger flights and belly capacity to return to the market within the next 12 months. The instability and insufficient supply within the capacity market have become a bottleneck for our customers. I am very proud that our schedule of exclusive full charter flights offers a reliable air cargo solution to importers and exporters in China.”

The Global Flight Operations Program connects Shanghai and Frankfurt three times a week, Beijing and Frankfurt once per week, Zhengzhou and Frankfurt once per week, Hong Kong to Frankfurt twice per week and Shanghai to Chicago three times per week with our exclusive full charter flights.

In addition to these regular exclusive full charter flights, DB Schenker also provides partial charter flights, connecting Hong Kong to Frankfurt twice a week, Hong Kong to Los Angeles three times per week and Hong Kong to Chicago once per week.

DB Schenker Air Freight has commenced frequent full charter flights earlier this year to overcome capacity shortages and peak demand during the global outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. In total DB Schenker provided 1,190 flights to secure capacities for its customers in the challenging market environment. Among these were 72 flights of DB Schenker’s China Shuttle, that used converted Boeing 767 passenger airplanes in cooperation with partner Icelandair.