AirIQ/eDispatch integrates location-based services with Maddocks

by Canadian Shipper

Mobile communications provider AirIQ/eDispatch and Maddocks Systems Inc., a supplier of enterprise-wide trucking software, have announced a partnership aimed at assisting commercial transport companies more effectively manage their vehicle fleets.

Under the agreement, the two companies will integrate AirIQ’s location-based information services with Maddocks’ enterprise-wide fleet management software, thereby delivering a more powerful overall solution to the commercial transport industry. Fleet managers using Maddocks TruckMate for Windows (TM4Win) software will now be able to utilize AirIQ’s services on the same desktop, at the same time, from the same screen.

The enhanced service will give transport firms that use TM4Win the capability to obtain and verify vehicle location and availability. With this information, the impact of delays or unexpected situations can be minimized by adjusting plans "on the fly."

"With AirIQ, Maddocks customers will have access to a wealth of information about their vehicle fleets, making it possible to react quickly, thereby increasing efficiency and profitability," said Donald E. Simmonds, President and Chief Executive Officer of AirIQ/eDispatch. "

"The terrestrial based communication options provided by AirIQ will provide significant options to our U.S. and Canadian clients," explained Bob Maddocks President and CEO of Maddocks Systems Inc. "With the information regarding tractor/trailer positioning and messaging available over the Internet, integration will be fast, cost effective, and painless.”

Using telematics, or the wireless transmission of location-based information and control messages to and from vehicles, AirIQ helps its clients locate and manage their vehicle fleets. AirIQ’s services include vehicle location, boundary notification, reefer fault alerts and automated inventory reports. By integrating AirIQ’s platform with Maddocks software, managers and dispatchers using TM4Win will have seamless access to virtually real-time information on their vehicle fleets. For instance, should a vehicle stray from a particular region, a pop-up window would notify the dispatcher at his or her workstation.

Additionally, dispatchers using TM4Win will have seamless access to AirIQ’s dispatching services, providing them with two-way message communication and job tasking to the driver’s standard mobile phone. This will enable trucking firms to quickly relay changes and other information directly to drivers without requiring voice communication, saving time and money.

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