An insider’s look at increasing efficiency in materials processes

by Canadian Shipper

How can you increase efficiency in materials processes?

Marvin Lebold, Director, Materials Management, Source Medical Corporation will take a crack at explaining that critical question at the Canadian Association of Supply Chain & Logistics Management’s (SCL) Fall Logistics Symposium: Lean Logistics. He will explain how an aligned structure and process, and applied appropriate technology can be used to succeed.

Source Medical has been challenged with reconciling the high fill-rate expectations of the health-care industry with the tightening margins associated with government cutbacks. The company’s response has been to improve processes to:

 Reduce inventory levels;
 Diagnose and correct process defects; and
 Add efficiency to materials processes.

The result: dramatic service improvements with significant inventory and cost reductions.

The two-day SCL event takes place September 24 and 25, 2002 at the International Centre, 6900 Airport Road, Mississauga, Ontario.

Those interested in attending can register online at or by calling 905-513-7300.

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