ANZDL software provides visibility for better customer service

by Canadian Shipper

ANZDL, Australia-New Zealand Direct Line, has introduced new software, known as Enterprise Interaction Client (EIC), which, in conjunction with a customized Pivotal Software Customer Relationship Management application, allows its customer service representatives to view shippers’ key requirement profiles during a live phone call.

Developed by Interactive Intelligence, the software provides ANZDL and its customers with some key service upgrades, such as a “skills-based” routing system, which works by identifying the caller’s phone number, and, based on their specific criteria, such as geographic location or commodity being shipped, they are automatically routed to the most qualified customer service representative.

“We have been able to significantly reduce phone transfers because the routing system instantly connects the most qualified representative with the customer, based on their knowledge of the region, background on the account, etc.” said Hardy Pearson, vice president, customer service and operations for ANZDL.

Another benefit of the new system is direct access and visibility to the customer’s individual shipping requirements via a direct link to ANZDL’s internally developed CRM software from Pivotal.

“As soon as a customer calls in, based on their phone number, a screen pops up so we know their standard shipping patterns, equipment needs and any other unique requirements,” said Pearson.

ANZDL is also benefitting from internal efficiencies since the new phone system links voicemail, fax and e-mail into a centralized location on each staffer’s computer.

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