BNSF to Guarantee Service for Temperature-Controlled Commodities

by Canadian Shipper

The Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company will extend its on-time intermodal guarantee program to include service for temperature-controlled commodities in nine lanes.

BNSF has offered guaranteed service for dry freight in select lanes since
May 2000, and is the first and only North American freight railroad to offer a
full money-back service guarantee for temperature-controlled commodities.

“The vast majority of temperature-controlled goods moves over the road. Our
service guarantee program has been very well received by dry-freight shippers.
We are extending the same service to shippers of temperature-controlled
commodities to demonstrate that BNSF offers a reliable, competitive
alternative to over-the-road transportation,” says Steve Branscum, group vice president, BNSF Consumer Products.

The BNSF program allows shippers to purchase, for a premium, a service guarantee for three intermodal service levels in the following lanes: Chicago/Seattle, Chicago/Portland, Chicago/San Bernardino, Chicago/Denver,
Chicago/Alliance (DFW), St. Paul/Seattle, St. Paul/ Portland, Kansas City/San Bernardino, Alliance (DFW)/San Bernardino. For each load that does not meet the scheduled availability time for customer pick-up, BNSF will offer a 100-percent refund.

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