Canada Post addressing Toronto gridlock

by MM&D Online Staff

TORONTO, Ontario—Canada Post is taking steps to address the effects its delivery vehicles have on traffic congestion and gridlock in Toronto’s downtown core. The effort comes as Toronto cracks down on rush hour parking delinquents.

The corporation says it is conducting a thorough review of pick-up and delivery operations in the downtown core of Toronto and has assembled a senior team to work and implement a plan to help alleviate the burden its vehicles place on the core’s streets.

Canada Post says it’s focusing on the changes that it can control directly while minimizing the impact on customers. In particular, they are looking to shift stop-times to off-peak hours between 1:00 – 3:00 pm, and again after 7:00 pm.

Starting January 5, there will be additional mail and parcel pick-up at the corporate and franchise post offices in the downtown core between 1 pm and 3 pm in order to reduce the time to clear the stores at the end of the day. On January 12, the corporation will implement later pick-up times for street letter boxes on the major arteries in the designated area. They are also looking at changing the location and clearance time for almost 400 postal drop boxes in the area.

They are also reviewing activities that Canada Post doesn’t control directly, such as delivery (including large volume receivers) and pick-ups (both on-demand and scheduled). Those changes will likely require adjustments from customers: mailroom hours, drop off/pick up locations, pick up times, different mode of delivery (to 1st floor versus all floors, different entrance, etc.).

The size and scope of Canada Post’s operation in Toronto’s downtown core means changes will have to be phased in. Within the 14 main streets in the area of Yonge/Bloor/Bathurst/Front, Canada Post serves almost 8,000 addresses, delivering and picking up mail and parcels on almost 200 delivery and clearance routes.